October 20 2016

Accuro EMR
2016.03 / 2016.04
Release Notes


Custom Conditions, Diagnosis Condition Mappings

Custom Conditions can now be added in the Configure Condition Diagnosis Mapping window. This is done by selecting "Manage" in the Condition dropdown. By selecting the Manage option, Icons can also be associated with each condition.

Prescription Status Changes

Following the recent changes to the Prescription window, a further change has now been made. Users can now make additional prescription changes to existing prescriptions from the Prescription window by opening the new Prescription Selection window. The Prescription Selection window is accessed by clicking the new Edit button.

Action Bar Icons

When the Action Bar was introduced, some of the Action Bar icons defaulted to the first letter of the Action item. As some of the Actions start with the same letter, it's not easy for users to know which Action they want to select. An update has been made so that users can now define their own icons for built in Actions.

Auto Accept Medeo Online Booking Appointments

For clinics who want all online appointments to get accepted automatically (where they are already matched to a patient) an Office specific setting has been added (the default is 'Off'). If this setting is enabled, Medeo Online Booking appointments will be automatically accepted in the Accuro Scheduler. To access this new office setting press Alt > type Office Management in the Search field > select the appropriate office > click the Preferences tab.

Custom Icons for Rooms

Users configuring rooms in the Traffic Manager can now select from an additional set of custom icons. The icons that are available in Custom Actions and Patient Flags, are now available in the Traffic Manager.

Order of Faxed Virtual Chart Items

When a user is faxing chart items, the user can now select the order in which the items are faxed.

Prescription Formatting in Templates & Forms

The Prescription tags that can be pulled into Templates and Forms were inconsistent (the amount of detail pulled in varied depending upon whether it was being pulled into a Form or a Template). An update has been made to ensure consistency is kept between the prescription tags that are used in Forms and Letters. Users have also been given the ability to condense the information within the tags and remove inactive medications when needed. The Patient Medication List component in Forms now also uses the single line format (the same as External and Active Medications already do).

Share Favourite Diagnostic Codes

An update has been made so that users can now share their favourite Diagnostic Codes. There is a new Import button on the bottom of the Diagnostic Codes window that enables a user to import other users' favourite Diagnostic Codes. To access the Diagnostic Search window, press Alt > type Manage Diagnostic Codes in the search field.

Text Macros

The use of Text Macros has been expanded so they can now be used in: the Fax Cover Sheet, SIG Instructions (in prescriptions), in the Comments field (in prescriptions) and in the Notes field (in the Traffic Manager)

Additional Features

What's new in Accuro EMR?

It is time again for another update to Accuro EMR! Read on for a description of the latest features and functions. You can always access release notes from the Help menu of Accuro. If you are unsure of how to Update Accuro, please contact QHR Client Services.




Release Notes - 2016.03 / 2016.04

What's new in Accuro EMR?

It’s time again for another update to Accuro EMR! Read on for a description of the latest features and functions. You can always access release notes from the Help menu of Accuro. If you are unsure of how to Update Accuro, please contact QHR Client Services.

New Features


Accuro Disclaimers (MB)

In compliance with Integrated EMR Certification, the disclaimers have been added to the following areas:
1. All pre-defined reports, the disclaimer includes printed date, time and User ID.
2. All queries, the disclaimer includes printed date, time and User ID.
3. All clinical documents, the disclaimer includes reference to confidentiality, date and time, and User ID.

Booking for a Dependent, Medeo Online Booking

A feature has been added where a clinic can add a button to the Medeo Online Booking window to enable a patient to make an appointment for a dependent. This feature will enable a patient to make an appointment for a child, elderly parent or any other dependent listed in Accuro. The default for this option is disabled (the button is not displayed unless it is enabled).

Congestive Heart Failure PC Quality Indicator Form (MB)

A Date of last ACE Inhibitor or ARB Prescription field has been added to the Congestive Heart Failure PC Quality Indicator form.

Date of Last Spirometry, Configure CDM Mapping (MB)

The Date of Last Spirometry Testing (from the Prevention form) was not available to be mapped in Configure CDM Mapping. An update has been made to ensure that the Date of Last Spirometry Testing is now available for CDM Mapping.

Display Fields in Query Builder (Alerts)

When a user runs a Query (in the Query Builder) they now have two new fields to display options "Start Time" and "End TIme".
Note: Due to the way that Start and End Times are stored, some clinics may see blank results in their report (even though these fields were completed in a claim). A further update is currently being worked on to address this issue.

Hypertension PC Quality Indicators Form (MB)

The Framingham Risk Calculator Percentage and Score have been added to the Hypertension PC Quality Indicators form.

Intraocular Pressure, Ophthalmology

An update has been made so that users can now enter N/A on either the left eye or the right eye in the Intraocular Pressure field (in Encounter Notes and from the Ocular History tab) to indicate that the pressure was not tested in that eye.
Note: This item only affects users with the Ophthalmology enabled.

Masked Data (MB)

Originating for certification in Manitoba, a new System Setting has been added for Enhanced Unmasking Logging. The default for this setting is 'ON' (where it cannot be turned off) because it is provincially mandated. When this setting is Enabled, a masked document is only visible to the user who originally masked the item. For users who are authorized to access the masked items, a popup window is now displayed where they must enter a password and a reason why they are unmasking the item. Previous ‘break the glass’ functionality has been removed but users with System Administrator permissions can unmask items if needed. All unmasking information is then saved to the Audit Logs along with a timestamp.

Primary Care Quality Reminders (MB)

Primary Care Quality reminders can now be turned off at the user level using a new User Preference (Alt > type User Preferences in the Search field). This feature is useful for a Provider or User who does not need to see the outstanding indicators on a patient (e.g. a Dermatologist) but they share an office with other Providers who use the Primary Care Quality reminders.

Printing Masked Appointments

If a patient is masked (and the user does not have access to see the masked patient) when the Day Sheet is printed, the appointment will now print with a masked label (and no patient name).

Provider Signature for Glasses Prescription

An update has been made so that the signature field of a glasses prescription now populates from within Accuro. This enables users to be able to fax the prescription in one easy step straight from Accuro (previously the prescription had to be printed out, signed, scanned back in and then faxed).
Note: This change is only applicable to clinics with the Ophthalmology module enabled.

Published Codes for WCB Nature of Injury and Area of Injury (BC)

An automatic update list has been created in Accuro so that if any WCB codes are changed or updated for the "Nature of Injury" and "Area of Injury" fields, they are now updated in Accuro.

Referral Appointment Date and Time (MB)

In Outstanding Requisitions, Referrals, and Orders two columns called "Appointment Date" and "Appointment Time" have been added to enable users to set the scheduled date and time of an outgoing referral.

Removing Masks (MB)

The Mask Configuration window has been updated to allow System Administrators who are not Special Users the ability to remove a mask from a chart item. If a mask is removed this is logged in Accuro and a message is sent to the Provider who placed the mask on the chart item notifying them that the mask has been removed.

Users Access Rights Report (MB)

A new Users Access Rights report has been added. This new report provides a summary of User Name and Role (access rights) in Accuro. This report is available to System Administrators and can be printed or saved as a CSV.

Weekly Fee Schedule Update (NS)

A change has been made so that when the Weekly Fee Schedule update is run, the Providers (external to your clinic) database is now updated too.


Add Non Patient Task to Task Count

An update has been made to the Task Count so that it now includes all Patient and Non-Patient Tasks. Previously only Patient Tasks were counted.

Arrivals in the Traffic Manager, Kiosk Module

Following feedback, users can now differentiate between patients who have marked themselves as Arrived in the Traffic Manager and those that have been marked as Arrived by reception staff. In the Traffic Manager, patients who arrive themselves now have a green check mark in the 'Self Arrived' column.
Note: Only clinics with the Kiosk Module enabled will be able to see this item.

Batch Status Tab, Submission Manager

Users can now see the status of a Batch Submission on the Batch Status tab. Add indicator for Incomplete Submission is now displayed in the Batch Status table.

Clear Out of Office Notification

The Out of Office Notification can now be cleared from within the Out of Office Notification window by pressing the Clear button. Previously the only way to clear this message was when it had expired (it was automatically cleared by Accuro) or by clearing it in the Out of Office Reminder the user saw when first logging into Accuro.

Grand Total and Secondary ID Components, Form Editor

A Grand Total component has been added to the Form Editor list of components, this allows the calculation of the Sub Total and then adds the applicable taxes. An update has also been made so that the formula field now works correctly when the dollar sign is present (previously the user had to delete it to get the formula field to work).
Secondary ID, Type, Assigning Authority and Expiry Date form components have also been added to the Form Editor.

Infants Without Care Card Number (BC)

An update has been made so that when the Infant checkbox is selected, 66 is automatically added to the end of the Mother's Care Card number everywhere it displays in the baby's EMR. Previously 66 was only added in the Claim Details section.

Kiosk Card Swipe (ON)

When a patient swipes their Care Card in the Kiosk card swipe, if it contains an updated Version Code and Expiry Date, the information is now saved in the Demographics area of Accuro.

Kiosk Windows

If a clinic has not configured a message and if this message would have been the only thing to appear in the window, the window will no longer be displayed. Previously if a message wasn't configured, the window would still display and a blank window was confusing to patients.

Mandatory Form Field Updates, Kiosk Module

Users can set form fields to be mandatory so the form can't be saved before the mandatory fields have been completed. This was an issue because a user is required to save the form to the patient chart in order for the patient to complete the form. Users were unable to save the form to the chart due to the mandatory fields (needing to be completed). An update has been made so that users can now save the forms to a patient's chart without the mandatory fields being completed. An update has also been made to make the forms and mandatory fields that need to be completed more intuitive to the patient.

Next Appointment Display

The Next Appointment Date (blue label that displays in the Home and Documents sections) wasn't displaying the next appointment if it was on the current day. In the Scheduler there is a setting to display current day appointments in the 'Next Appointment' field. This meant that the appointments were inconsistent and changed depending on where the user was in Accuro. An update has been made to add a new User Preference for users to indicate if they want Current Day Appointments in the blue labels of the Home and Documents section.

QHR Ideas Portal

The QHR Ideas Portal can now be accessed from the Help menu in Accuro. The Ideas Portal can also be saved to the Action bar.

Quick Patient Actions Window (Ctrl+F10)

When a user opened a New Bill in the Quick Patient Actions Window (Ctrl+F10) it wasn't loading the current patient, the user was having to load the patient again. An update has been made and the current global patient's details are now loaded.

Referring Provider in Wait List View

An update has been made so that users can now select Referring provider as one of the columns in the Wait List view.

Restrict Kiosk Arrivals if a Patient is Late

Following feedback from clinics updates have been made to what a patient can do in the Kiosk if they are late for an appointment (previously they could mark themselves as arrived and have the same functionality as if they had been on time).
1. A clinic can select a specified number of minutes for a patient to be classed as late.
2. The Kiosk can now display a late arrival message.
3. If the patient is late, they can be prevented form marking themselves as Arrived (if they try, the late message is displayed).

Text Lab Results, CDM Worksheets

CDM Worksheets will now import results that are from a lab result field that is defined as text. Prior to this update, the user could select the result, but if the field it was in was defined as a text field, the data would not display in the CDM Worksheet.

Thunder Bay Lab Results (ON)

Thunder Bay Lab results will now display the Version Code for patients as well as the Provincial Health Card Number.

Wait List Request Close Date

When a user closes a Wait List Request, the close date will now be automatically populated (with today's date) by Accuro.


Loading Unmatched Remittances (NS)

Loading Unmatched Remittances was taking a long time for clients in Nova Scotia. This was caused by the way Accuro was accessing the database to load the information. An update has been made to make the database access more efficient and improve the performance when loading Unmatched Remittances.

Medical History Synchronization

An update has been made to the way that a patient's medical history is updated and how and when Accuro accesses the database. Users will not see any differences with this item, but the software efficiency is improved by not making unnecessary calls to the database.

Maintenance and Issue Fixes


Java Serialization Warning

Following a recent change, Java Serialization Warnings were being displayed in Accuro. These warnings were link to the way that the data source was being created. An update has been made to ensure these warnings no longer display.

Linked Lab Results

An update has been made so that the RFLabComboBox in forms now loads all linked lab results and not just the ones from the current lab test. A new checkbox has also been added to the RFLabComboBox component that states "Only use observations from this test AND result". If selected, only observations from the current test are loaded.

Procedure Code and Diagnostic Code Tool Tip

When the Claim Details window was updated, the tool tip was changed so that instead of displaying the full description of the Procedure Code or Diagnostic Code, it only displayed the code. An update has been made so that the full description of the code is once again displayed.

Remittance Files (SK)

Some files received and downloaded from the Government contain bills where an "*" has replaced the data in some fields. An update has been made to check to see if a bill has any "*" characters in it. If it does, an error is now logged saying the file is not properly formatted. The error message is stored in file queue with file.

Shared Appointment Reason

Providers who had both shared appointment reasons and appointment reasons only specific to them (not shared) were unable to select any reasons when creating a new appointment. An update has been made and this is now fixed.

Typographical Error Add Diagnostic Code (Billing) and Mass Status Update (Wait List)

An update has been made to fix typographical errors in the Add Diagnostic Code (Billing) and Mass Status Update (Wait List) areas of Accuro.
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