March 23 2016

Accuro EMR 2015.04 Release Notes

Collapse Offices, Manage Security

The ability to collapse the offices in Manage Security (Alt > type 'Manage Security' in search field) was added recently. There is now the ability to Collapse All, Expand All, or Expand Current Office. This allows clinics (of different sizes) to set up this window to how it best works for them. A new setting has been added to select the default view of offices and providers within the Permissions tab in User Management. To access this setting press Alt > type 'System Settings' in the search field > click the Performance tab > the "Default State of Provider Permissions Tab in Manage Security" is in the "Other Performance Settings" section at the bottom.

Note: Only System Administrators in Accuro will have access to this setting.

Patient Assistance Program

The Patient Assistance Program, in partnership with RxHelp ONE and innoviCares, is free for your patients and gives them the choice to have a brand name medication where a generic alternative exists.

This program automatically prints a message on the bottom of a prescription if the prescribed medication is covered by either the RxHelp ONE or innoviCares program. The Patient Assistance Program works for all medications included in the RxHelp ONE and innoviCares programs, giving your patients the flexibility to choose.

*NOTE: For clinics already using the RxHelp ONE and innoviCares programs, the existing cards will continue to work, but are not required. In Accuro, “sub” is no longer required for the medications available on the program.

For more information visit:
RxHelp ONE website:
innoviCares website:

Display Lab Test Name when Lab Linking

An update has been made to lab linking to display the lab test name. This change has been made because sometimes lab results have the same name even when they belong to different lab tests. Further updates have been made to the lab linking window, these include: displaying the labs in a table, displaying the units and a new "Show Lab Test" checkbox has been added (with an information icon next to it). The mnemonics and layout of the window have also been updated to meet current standards.

Direct Lab Linking

An update has been made to lab linking to make it faster and easier for users. Labs can now be linked together in the Encounter Notes (EMR > Encounter Notes). There is a new right-click menu option "Link Results" which is available when two labs are selected. Selecting the Link Results option opens up the Lab Linking window which displays the results.

Add Attachments to existing Tasks

An update has been made to enable users to add attachments to existing tasks. Previously an attachment could only be added to a task when it was created.

Favorites, Billing Insurers and Custom Lab Tests

The favorites option (star icon) has been added to Billing Insurers and also Custom Lab Tests. This new feature enables users to select their favorites and these are now pinned at the top of the list, making them easier to find.

Query Builder

The Query Builder window (Alt > type 'Query Builder' in the search field) has been updated to the new QHR corporate colors and branding. The Existing Definitions section has been expanded and is now down the entire left hand side of the window. This enables clinics with lots of existing definitions to be able to see them much more easily.

A new search filter has also been added, this allows users to search the list of definitions by keyword, making the definitions quicker and easier to find.

Additional Features

What's new in Accuro EMR?

It is time again for another update to Accuro EMR! Read on for a description of the latest features and functions. You can always access release notes from the Help menu of Accuro. If you are unsure of how to Update Accuro, please contact QHR Client Services.




Release Notes - 2015.04

What's new in Accuro EMR?

It’s time again for another update to Accuro EMR! Read on for a description of the latest features and functions. You can always access release notes from the Help menu of Accuro. If you are unsure of how to Update Accuro, please contact QHR Client Services.

New Features


Strike Through Text in Clinical Notes

An update has been made to remove any stricken out text in the clinical notes from the preview. Any strike-through text in the clinical note now no longer displays in the preview.


Swoosh Panel Additions

Updates have been made to the look and feel of the Appointments windows to bring them in line with corporate branding.

Viewing Tasks Across Offices

An update has been made to display the offices that tasks are sent from and going to in the Home section, Patient Tasks (F7) and the Virtual Chart. Currently, who the task came from and who it was sent to is not displayed in the columns. This change is to make it easier to see which office a task came from and which office it was sent to.


Office Physician Search

There was an inconsistency found when using the Office Physician Search function in the Patient Demographics and Quick New Patient search (F6) areas. An update has been made for consistency, now Accuro loads the current providers that the user has permissions against, in both of the Office Physician Searches.

Remittances, Payments Table

An update has been made to how remittances are stored in Accuro. They will now be stored in what is called a Payment Table. This is a "behind the scenes" change that will make using the remittances data much easier.


Font Size, Incoming Nuance Transcription

Incoming Nuance Transcriptions were defaulting to Verdana 11 when arriving in Accuro. Following feedback from clinics, a new system setting (Users > Manage Security > System Settings) has been added to enable a clinic to select their preferred font.

Protection Locks Around Activity Log Archiving

Protection locks have been added to Activity Log Archiving to prevent more than one user from being able to archive and un-archive the Activity Logs at the same time.


Scheduler Management

The Scheduler Preferences and Scheduler Templates and Suggestions menu items have been combined into one new area called Scheduler Management.


Period Accounts Receivable

Updates have been made to the Period Accounts Receivable Report. These changes include totals being added to the bottom of the ALL, 30 Day, 60 Day, 90 Day columns. To access reports from anywhere in Accuro press Ctrl+R.

Maintenance and Issue Fixes


Archived Activity Log Database

The archived activity log database was not showing up in the backup window (Alt > type Create Backup in the search field). An update has been made so that the activity log database is available in the backup window so that administrators can run a backup of the archive.

Database Index Cleanup

While running a routine database index cleanup tool, the tool found an issue with one of the indexes in Accuro. An update has been made and this is now fixed.


Missing Spaces

Trailing white spaces were automatically trimmed by auto-formatting. This had been causing some issues with how things are displayed in some Accuro windows. An update has been made to reinstate the trailing spaces to fix the display issues.
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