October 13 2015

Accuro EMR 2015.03 Release Notes

Office Specific Letter Templates and Forms

Letter Templates and Forms have been updated to allow users to be able to see templates and forms available to the currently selected office. This change is especially beneficial to large sites that have a lot of letters and forms, as it allows letters and forms specific to other offices to be filtered from the view. Specific office forms can now be viewed in Chart Sheets and Batch Chart Sheets (F9), the Encounter Notes dropdown (EMR > Encounter Notes tab) and New Form Action.
Note: A user with Admininstrator permissions needs to associate each form/letter with one or more offices (up to and including all offices).

Templates & Suggestions and Find Next Appointment

On the Manage Templates tab (Scheduler >Templates & Suggestions) the tooltips have been updated for the Office Specific icon and the All Office icon. These icons are on the same button, it toggles between Office Specific and All Offices depending upon whether the user has clicked it or not. A tooltip has also been added to the Suggestions names at the bottom-left of the Manage Templates tab.

The Office Specific icon (Purple button)/All Office icon (Orange button) has also been updated (as described above) in the Find Available Appointment window.

Editing and Merging Documents

Following many requests on Ideaspace, users can now merge documents that have already been filed to the Virtual Chart (EMR > Virtual Chart). To incorporate this change, users can now select two or more documents at a time, right click and then select the new "Merge" menu option. The merge option is not available if the user does not select multiple documents or selects lab documents.

Editing a document in the virtual chart creates one or two new documents that are based on the original document filed in the patient's chart. The edit function can be used to rearrange pages or to split the document into two documents, where the left one remains on the patients chart and the right one is saved into their Ready For Accuro documents folder.

Users now have the ability to see the whole document when splitting/merging files in the Virtual Chart or in the Documents section. An update has been made to the Edit Document window to include a new image preview of the documents(s)

Document Versioning
Document versioning has been added to create a historical link to older documents to ensure that no traceability is lost. Once document versioning is enabled, the option to view historical versions of a document is available in the image viewer.

BORN Kid eConnect, Child 0-5 (ON)

BORN is Ontario's pregnancy, birth and childhood registry and network. BORN collects data on maternal and child care to provide vital knowledge to professionals in every health care discipline to improve care and the system. QHR has piloted the 18 month Enhanced Well Baby Visit and as part of the ongoing BORN initiative expanded this to include all child data from 0-5 years. There is a supplementary form for some other overall data and a report that can be run (at any time) to see a summary of all the forms.

Rourke Baby Record (RBR): The 2014 Rourke Baby Record Visit forms (one page per visit format) for all visits have now been added to Accuro.

Nippising District Development Screening (NDDS): NDDS form for all visits have been added to Accuro.

Well Baby Summary: The existing 18M Summary report has been updated to include additional information.

Well Baby Visit Summary Report: A Summary Report is available by searching the Accuro Menu. This has been created to provide a summary of all applicable RBR and NDDS visit information. The report indicates when a visit is not present that should be as well as indicates areas of concern identified from the completed RBR and NDDS forms.. This report is not saved to the patient chart, but can be printed.

Export: RBR, NDDS, Child Summary Report, Supplementary Form Data and additional data are submitted to BORN for sites that are signed up to export the Data.

Note: This functionality is available to clinics that have the BORN module enabled. The RBR and NDDS forms are available for download in the Ontario Form repository for non BORN sites.

Patient & Provider Titles

An update has been made so that both Patient and Provider Titles can be changed and custom titles can be added, if required. Provider Titles can be updated in Provider Configuration (F2) and the Address Book. Patient Titles can be updated in the Patient Demographics Section.

Accuro Out of Office Notification

Users can now notify other users that they are not currently working in Accuro for whatever reason (e.g. on holiday or simply doing something else in the clinic). The aim of this feature is to help prevent priority messages or tasks from being sent to a user who will not see them.

The new 'Out of Office Notification' is located on the 'Users' menu Alt > type Out of Office in the search field.

When users log back into Accuro and their out of office is on, a message is displayed. The user has three options, 'Clear Notification' (clears the out of office message), 'View Notification' (opens the out of office window) or 'Close' (does nothing to the notification).

In the New Message and New Task windows, an icon is displayed (A calendar with an exclamation mark in it) next to users who have their out of office set.

Appointment Details Window

With the introduction of the coexistence of providers and resources in the Scheduler, some changes have been made to the Appointment Details window.

The Scheduling Provider, Billing Provider, Resource and Site have been moved to the top of the window. The look and feel of the window has been updated to include the new Accuro look and feel.

If Resource Scheduling is not being used in a clinic then the Resource dropdown is not displayed.

Note: Resource Scheduling can only be enabled by QHR Technologies and once it has been turned on, it cannot be turned off.

Filter Day Sheets by Resource and Provider

For clinics booking Resource as well as Providers, the Day Sheet can now be viewed by both Resource and Provider. To access the Day Sheet select the EMR icon > click the Day Sheet tab.

Collapse Offices in User Management

For larger clinics with a lot of providers and multiple offices, you can now collapse the list of offices displayed in the User Management window (Manage Security > Users). This change has been done to make it easier for users to navigate the user management window. There is a button on the right-hand side of each location to hide or show that location.

Additional Features

What's new in Accuro EMR?

It is time again for another update to Accuro EMR! Read on for a description of the latest features and functions. You can always access release notes from the Help menu of Accuro. If you are unsure of how to Update Accuro, please contact QHR Client Services.




Release Notes - 2015.03

What's new in Accuro EMR?

It’s time again for another update to Accuro EMR! Read on for a description of the latest features and functions. You can always access release notes from the Help menu of Accuro. If you are unsure of how to Update Accuro, please contact QHR Client Services.

New Features


Co-Resource/Provider Scheduling

In preparation for Co-Resource/Provider Scheduling, some additional changes have been made.

1. Mixed resource and provider scheduling can now be handled in the Find Next Appointment window. Users now have the ability to be able to search by both provider and resource.
2. An update has been made to permissions in Accuro (Users > Manage Security ). Accuro now assumes that all users that have permission to the EMR also have permission to all resources for the current office.
3. Assorted other changes have been made to tidy up the co-resource software and ensure it functions as expected. These changes include additional audit logging, messages telling the user they need to log out and back in again after adding a resource to an office, ensuring resources are available in the Office Setup window and ensure that Manage Resource is available when both resource and provider schedules are available.


MCIB Web Submission Window Contact Details (SK)

When submitting claims in Saskatchewan, users receive a prompt containing MCIB System Support contact information. The contact information was out-of-date, an update has been made to ensure the latest contact information is now displayed.

Web Service Submission Error Messages (ON)

The error messages users see when there is an issue with the account used to log into the Ministry were not easy to understand. An update has been made to present clearer messages that are easier to understand.


Masked Data in CDM Worksheets

Masked data was not handled in CDM Worksheets and all information was being displayed in the worksheets. An update has been made so that when a user adds a new CDM worksheet Accuro checks if any of the items are masked and if the user does not have the correct permissions then masked values are not shown. An indicator (with tooltip) are displayed to indicate that data is masked.
Note: When previous worksheets are listed next to the current one, masking is also enforced in the older worksheets.


Cardio Perfect Interpretations

Interpretation of tests done in Cardio Perfect have the potential to be much longer than is supported for document descriptions in Accuro. An update has been made to add a new read only comments field to display the contents of longer interpretations. An icon has also been added to the indicator column in the Virtual Chart (EMR > Virtual Chart) to indicate that there are additional comments for this document that would not fit into the description field.


Accuro to Zeiss Patient Lookup

An update has been made to give clinics using Zeiss FORUM interface a button to launch to the currently loaded Accuro Patient in FORUM. This allows the two applications to work together in parallel, minimizing duplicate tasks and increasing efficiency for users.


Download Button, Unite Faxing

The button labelling in the Unite download window was causing come confusion. The 'Manual Download' button is used for downloading previously retrieved faxes and the 'OK' button was to retrieve new faxes. To remove this confusion, the "Manual Download" button has been removed and is now a menu option (Options > Manually Re-Download Faxes). The wording for the Manually Re-Download Faxes has been updated to clearly explain to the users that this option is to manually download previously downloaded faxes.


Cytology Date Adjustment, Excelleris Labs (BC)

Following feedback from clinics, an update has been made to cytology result reports to use the 'Collected Date' in the Date column in the Virtual Chart (EMR > Virtual Chart). Previously the 'Reported Date' had been used in the date column.

HRM Polling Options, Accuro Web (ON)

There is an issue for HRM when users are using Accuro Web because HRM requires that the clinics external static IP address be registered. The connections were still being attempted when accessing Accuro over the Internet causing error messages to be sent to the Inbox. An update has been made to add an option that would allow clinics to prevent the polling of HRM from sessions of Accuro Web.

Inactive Provider Lab Matching

A system setting Users > Manage Security > System settings) has been added to Accuro (which when disabled) does not allow lab matching to provider inboxes when the provider has been marked as inactive.


Immunization Schedule Updates

The following updates have been made to the immunization schedules:

1. 15 months has been added as an option.
2. Wording has been updated to be consistent (e.g. using 'Months' in all instances rather than 'Mths' in some).
3. The icon used for save on the Immunizations Schedules window has been updated.

Quick Patient Actions Window

Accuro will now remember the size and location of the Quick Patient Actions window (Ctrl+F10). After the user closes the session, the Quick Patient Actions Window (Ctrl+10) will reopen the same size and position next time it is opened. Previously the window size and location was forgotten.


Logging Notes Section Changes

Logging has been added for the contents of the "Notes" section of a task. This allows changes be tracked and important information that may have been deleted to be retrieved.


Diagnosis Code Update (ON)

An update has been made to allow more ICD9 codes to be used in Ontario.
Note: There are two different code lists available in Ontario, one for billing and the other for chart coding. This update only applies to the chart coding list as the billing list is very specific.

Edited Diagnostic Code Descriptions, ICD-9 List Update

An update has been made so that ICD-9 List updates do not overwrite edited diagnostic code descriptions. Previously any custom descriptions were always overwritten.

Patient Data Merge Validation

Patient data merge validation has been added to Accuro. This is to ensure when patient merges are done that all tables are correctly handled during the merge process. Validating the merge at every stage will ensure that once the merge has been completed, all patients and their records are accounted for.

Removing Spaces from Filenames

A change has been made to remove any spaces in filenames that are sent by vendors.


Accuro Start Menu, Search Results

An update has been made to make going from the Start menu search field (Alt button) to the search results list more user friendly. The up arrow now moves the user to the bottom of the search results list where pressing the up arrow again continues up the list of search results.

Background Download and Upload Icon Location

The icon displayed when Accuro is uploading/downloading in the background has been moved to the top-right of the main Accuro window next to the user login details. A blue circle with white arrow appears when Accuro is currently downloading and this will turn into a green circle with checkmark once completed.

Long Provider Names

An update has been made to fix various locations throughout Accuro where there were display issues caused by extremely long provider names. All areas should now display correctly.


Vaccine Status,Query Builder Rules

An update has been made to Query Builder rules (Alt > type Query Builder in the search field) so that users can now select Vaccine Status. Vaccine Status and Status Reason are now also available as Display Fields when running any query on immunizations.


Unable to Cancel Appointment Message

The message displayed when a user was unable to cancel an appointment did not clearly state the exact reason it could not be cancelled. The message has been updated to display specific information as to why the appointment cannot be cancelled.


Accuro Update Manager

To ensure that versions and updates are managed correctly, a new update manager has been created. This centralizes and replaces the update functionality that already existed in Accuro.

Open Provider Permissions Configuration Window

An update has been made to the wording in the Open Provider Permissions Configuration window (Users > Manage Security > Open Provider Permissions) to make it clearer what scheduling permissions does.

System Notification Sorting

An update has been made to System Notification Management sorting (Users > Manage Security > Notifications > System Notification Management) so that it is no longer case sensitive. Previously capitals were sorted first and then lower case.


Lab Document Date Configuration

A new Lab Date Configuration setting has been added to Accuro (Users > Manage Security > System Settings). This enables users to configure Collection and Received dates for their lab documents.


Inactive Providers

An update has been made so that inactive providers are no longer shown in the Wait List by default. In the Wait List view configuration there is now a checkbox called "Show Inactive Providers" which when selected displays all inactive providers.
Note: The "Show Inactive Providers" checkbox (when enabled) only displays inactive providers in Wait List views, not adhoc Wait List filters.

Mass Status Update

In the Wait List, the 'Auto Complete' button has been replaced with a 'Mass Status Update' button. When selected, this opens the Mass Status Update window. In this window users can filter the records that they want to update.
The filter options available are for All Requests or Currently Visible Requests:
1. Consult Status
2. Surgical Status
3. Case State
The user can then update the wait list items found by the filter by selecting from drop lists for:
1. Consult Status
2. Surgical Status
3. Case State

Patient City

In the main Wait List window Patient City has been added to the fields that can be displayed in the column selector (the column button above the scroll bar).

Maintenance and Issue Fixes


Exiting the H-Link Submission Window

When exiting the H-Link submission window, the X (Close) button in the top-right of the window did not function the same as the Close button. An update has been made to ensure that both buttons function exactly the same.

SFTP Manager Window (AB)

When submitting claims, users are taken to the SFTP Manager window. This window was not handling the larger sized fonts properly. An update has been made to ensure all font sizes display as expected. While making these changes the submission window was updated to use the latest Accuro styles and colors.

Updated WCB Forms (AB)

Following updates to the WCB forms, users could only use their mouse wheel to scroll when the cursor was over empty space. An update has been made so that users can scroll (using the mouse wheel) from anywhere in the WCB Forms.

WCB Manual Submission (AB)

An update has been made to add a 'Cancel' button to the WCB Web Submission window. This button is linked to the Cancel button that is already on the WCB Web Submission form and aborts the submission process leaving the claims as unsubmitted.


Save Macro in the Template Wizard

Saving a macro in the Template Wizard (Tools > template Wizard) caused an error to occur. An update has been released and macros can now be created in the Template Wizard, as expected.


Clear Sent Logging

An update has been made so that users can now restore sent faxes that have been cleared or deleted from the Fax Manager. This option is available as a reversible action in the Audit Logs: Users > Manage Security > Audit Logs. Note: The status of the fax needs to be set as ‘Sent’ in order to be retrieved.


Loading Lab Activity Log

Loading the Lab Activity Log was taking a long time in some large sites. An update has been made to make the Lab Activity Log run more efficiently.

Today's Date

When Accuro was left running past midnight the today's date was out by one day. An update has been made so that when the time passes midnight, the date is updated and today's date is always correct.


CDS Links in Start Menu

If the CDS links (global and user) were modified, they were not updated in the Start menu (Alt key) until the user logged out and back in again. An update has been made to ensure the CDS Links refresh in the Start menu without users having to log out.

Custom Actions Configuration Panel

Initialization of the Custom Action Configuration Panel should have been occurring in the back ground and it wasn't. An update has been made to ensure that the intiialization of this panel is done in the background.

Office Dropdown

For clinics with multiple Accuro Offices, the Office dropdown (top-right of the Accuro window) was displayed too far to the left. An update has been made and this is now fixed.

Searching in the Start Menu

Following a recent change when a user searched in the Star Menu, clicking Enter selected the bottom item in the search results. This change was unintentional and an update has been made so that when a user presses Enter the top search item is once again selected.

SQL Exception Error

When exiting Accuro an error was sometimes logged. This occurred when there was no overall status of update lists running. An update has been made and this is now fixed.


Patient Tasks Alert

Accessing Patient Tasks Alert (Ctrl+F12) was causing an error to be generated in Accuro. An update has been released and this is now fixed.


Skill Codes (AB, NS)

In Alberta: An update has been made to ensure that specialty codes are cleared when using the Clear button in Provider Configuration (F2). A skill code required check has been added to the claim validator.

In Alberta and Nova Scotia: A provider's default skill code is now applied correctly to the Claim Details window when a bills skill/specialty code is left blank.


Antenatal Labs and Lab Recipients (ON)

The Antenatal area of Accuro doesn't have lab recipients set up because a lone provider is not applicable to Antenatal. To prevent this from causing issues going forward, antenatal labs (including pre-existing ones) will be automatically populated with a default blank lab recipient. This prevents an error occurring when attempting to open a lab in the lab viewer because there is no lab recipient set.

Prescription Status Window

The Prescription Status window has been updated to better accommodate both the smaller and larger font sizes. To access the Prescription Status window select the EMR icon > Click the Medications tab > Right-click on a medication and select 'Change Status'.

Saving WCB Forms (AB)

An update has been made to fix a bug in the software when saving WCB Forms.


Resource Management GUI Clean Up

Following the updates made to resource management last year, some further tidying up of this area of Accuro has been done. This includes adjusting the Resource Management window to work well with larger fonts. Also, the Add Resource and Add Effective Date windows have been updated to work with large fonts and ensure they follow design standards.


Auto- Logout

Once a user had started creating an appointment and left the workstation running, upon Auto-Logout, the appointment would not be saved. An update has been made to allow autosaving on auto-logout and users are now also prompted to save changes if they attempt to close an appointment window that they have made changes in.

Creating Appointments After Switching Offices

Following a recent update, a bug was introduced where if a user created an appointment, changed offices and then changed offices again, there was then an issue with trying to create an appointment. An update has been made and this is now fixed.

Default Appointment Reason, Traffic Manager

If a user created an appointment in the Scheduler and left the appointment reason as the default, this was not being carried over into the Traffic Manager. An update has been made and this is now fixed.


Accuro Hotkey Restrictions

The Teleplan response hot key (Ctrl+Alt+B) was available in all provinces. An update has been made to ensure that it is only available in BC.

Locked User Error Message, PIP (SK)

An update has been made to correct the locked user error message to remove the "wait until 30 minutes have passed" portion of the message for clinics with PIP enabled. This change is because when PIP is enabled the option to wait 30 minutes is no longer available.
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