June 06 2017

Accuro EMR 2017.01 Release Notes

Fax from Mail and Task Attachment

Accuro users can now fax an attachment directly from a mail or task item. This makes forwarding the information much quicker and easier as previously attachments could only be printed. To fax, open the appropriate attachment and click the Fax button located in the middle of the window.

Print a Pediatric Patient’s Height and Weight on a Prescription

A User Preference has been added that enables Providers to include a pediatric patient’s height and weight on a prescription (18 years and younger). This is extremely helpful for pediatric medicines that are dosed by weight or body surface area. To turn on this user Preference press Alt > type User Preferences in the Search field > Click Display > select the EMR Workflow tab > select the "Show Height and Weight on Pediatric Prescriptions" checkbox (the default for this feature is to be off).

Generic Drugs as External Medication

A Generic External Medication can now be added to a patient’s chart without having to include an associated strength (you no longer have to try and second-guess your patient’s dosage). This makes external medication easier to include in the Drug-Allergy Interactions and Drug-Drug Interactions. External Medications are added in EMR > Encounter Notes tab > External Medications (right side of window).

Additional Features





Release Notes - 2017.01

What's new in Accuro EMR?

It’s time again for another update to Accuro EMR! Read on for a description of the latest features and functions. You can always access release notes from the Help menu of Accuro. If you are unsure of how to Update Accuro, please contact QHR Client Services.

New Features


Accuro Authentication with Stargate

In preparation for the move of Stargate from single-tenant to multi-tenant, authentication has been added to Accuro's requests to Stargate, to ensure that we can filter out unwanted requests from un-registered applications.

Accuro Using Stargate to Initiate Processes

In preparation for Accuro using Stargate to initiate processes, an update has been made to Accuro. There is a new Manage Security System Setting to indicate whether to poll or consume an endpoint in Stargate. Functionality in Accuro has not been changed by this item.

Allergy and drug Interaction Popup

An update has been made to add an interaction warning popup when a user adds an external medication to a patient’s chart if there is a known allergy. If the office subscribes to First Data Bank, an interaction warning popup will also be displayed for drug-drug interactions.
Previously, the warning would only pop up if the allergy was added after the external medication was already on the chart. Now the warning is displayed irrespective of which order the external medication and allergy are added.

Batch Teleplan Submissions (BC)

When submitting to Teleplan, Accuro did not have a limit on the number of bills submitted. Teleplan restricts the number of bills to a maximum of 9,000 records, if a user submits more they will receive the error message, "TETA-026: ERROR NUMBER OF INPUT RECORDS EXCEEDED SYSTEM LIMIT" is returned. An update has been made to Accuro and if a clinic has more than 9,000 records, they are now sent in batches to prevent any issues with submitting bills.

Billing Location, Provider Configuration (MB)

A Billing Location default has been added in Provider Configuration (F2) for clinics in Manitoba.

Build Version in Logs

An update has been made to record the Accuro version number in the logs.

Error Handling, CDS V4 Exporter Tool (SK)

An update has been made to the CDS v4 Export process so that if an error occurs, the error is now logged and the export continues onto the next Patient. Previously if an error occurred the process stopped where the error occurred. To access the CDS V4 Exporter tool click the Start menu > type CDS in the search field > select CDS V4 Export from the list displayed.

Ophthalmology Prescriptions

An update has been made so that Accuro now prints the full text (rather than abbreviations) on ophthalmology prescriptions. This change has been made for consistency in Accuro. This change had already been made to prescriptions, but not to ophthalmology prescriptions.
Note: This item only affects users with the Ophthalmology module enabled.

Print/Fax Summary, CC'd Recipients

When sending a fax, if a recipient is CC'd, that recipient did not appear on the Print / Fax Summary from the Virtual Chart. An update has been made so that the CC'd recipient is now also displayed in the Virtual Chart summary.

Selecting Patients in the Traffic Manager

It was reported that users could select multiple patients in the Traffic Manager (if they were in different rooms). This was causing confusion as it was possible for the wrong patient to be moved (either between rooms or to Completed). An update has been made so that users can no longer select multiple patients.

Stargate Users

Because of the 2-day lag in registering a workstation in the Accuro Registry when a user logs in to Accuro, the Stargate service would hang when it attempted to update itself (if Accuro updated from 2016.04 to 2017.01).
Note: This item did not affect any clinics because there are currently no Beta testing sites that are ASP-hosted sites and/or using Medeo Online Booking.

Unite Faxing

Unite has requested us to make certain changes that should improve the customer experience and address issues that clinics had been having with faxing.
• The polling frequency for faxes has been changed from 10 seconds to 120 seconds.
• The wording for the status "Cancelled (expired by unite service)" has been changed (for clarity) to "No response from Unite service received, retrying".
Note: This item only affects clinics with the Unite Faxing module enabled.


Mapping of DI Results (MB)

An update has been made to allow for CDM Mapping to results received through the Manitoba DI Feed. This change was made because previously these results were not pulling into the work sheets as they couldn't be mapped. This made it appear as though a test was not done or that a patient was overdue (when they weren't). The user then had to check the patient's chart to ensure that the test had been done.


Custom Percentage Flag (SK)

A Custom Percentages column has been added to claims, this column works in a similar way to custom billing amounts, but for percentages, when a user selects a specific code that is billed at a different percentage (e.g. hospital visit code 005B etc.), then the custom amount is set in this column. This column was added to ensure that if two bills have the same Procedure Codes, but different percentages, that the total is calculated correctly. This change was made to ensure that Procedure Codes that can be used for hospital visits and non-hospital visits (where the percentage is different) are calculated correctly.
Note: The default set in the Custom Percentage column is 100%.

Printing Status Progress Bar

A progress bar has been added to printing from the Virtual Chart (EMR > Virtual Chart tab > right-click on document > select print). This change was made to help indicate the state of Accuro data spooling process and overall progress for the document.

Maintenance and Issue Fixes


Billing Submission for Out of Province Patients (AB)

Some out of Province claims were being rejected because the patient had an active AB secondary ULI, the AB ULI was being used in the submission and the claim was rejected. An update has been made to ensure that the primary ULI is used for out of Province patients even if there is an active secondary AB ULI.

Deleting Bills (NS)

If a user tried to delete a bill and the last response (for the bill) was unmatched, then the bill was treated as if there hadn’t been a response. An update has been made to only look for last responses for bills that are matched; unmatched responses will now be ignored, enabling users to delete bills as required

Empty Transaction Date fields, Lab Processing

Following recent changes made to labs, some instances of older labs were found to have empty Transaction Date fields, which caused an issue at some point. An update has been made to ensure that, if a lab has an empty Transaction Date field, it will process as expected.

Generated Letter Queue Data Logging

The Activity Log has been updated so that it will now track the ID of letters in the letter queue.

Group Appointments

When creating, editing and deleting Group Appointments in Accuro, an update has been made to ensure that Medeo Online Booking is notified of any changes.
Note: This change only affects clinics with Medeo Online Booking.

Include Archive Checkbox, Home Section, Labs Folder

When loading a patient from the Labs section in Home, the Include Archived checkbox was not working properly. An update has been made to ensure the Include Archived checkbox now works, as expected.

Manual Lab Results, Forms

When a new form was created in Encounter Notes (EMR > Encounter Notes > click dropdown and select an appropriate form), the form was not pulling in the latest manual lab results (in this case, Vitals) until the user pressed refresh. This was not the intention of the forms and an update has been made to ensure that the form always loads the latest manual lab results.

Processing Files (ON)

Remittance, Batch and Error files were not getting marked as “Processed”. This meant that every time a user clicked the Assessments button, the files would be processed again. An update has been made to ensure the files are marked as “Processed”, to prevent them from being repeatedly processed.

Remittance Matching (ON)

Remittances weren’t being matched correctly because in Accuro we were matching the full number and the version code and the remittances only contained the Care Card number. An update has been made to match based only on the Care Card to ensure that remittances now match as expected.

Remittance Matching (ON)

Some Remittance Advice files received from the Ministry of Health contained a large number of HR4/HR5 records for patients that don't exist in Accuro. These were being incorrectly matched in Accuro. An update has been made to add a Patient's OHIP Number and the Service Date to the matching criteria to prevent this from happening.
Note: This issue only affected Ontario billing clients who are set up to receive submissions from other EMRs (as well as Accuro).

Saving Forms Using Accuro Web on a Mac

An update has been made to fix a bug that occurred when users tried to save forms and they were using Accuro Web on a Mac. A signature drawing could occasionally cause an error to occur, this issue has also been fixed.

White Space, Billing Period Fee Codes (AB)

Billing Periods weren't stripping the whitespace from Fee Codes. This meant that it was seeing a Fee Code with a space as an adjustment and thought it had changed. An update has been made and this is now fixed.
Note: This only affected Billing Period reports and not any actual bills.
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