Form Publisher

QHR Technologies, EMR Division has a resource on the corporation servers where offices / surgeries can upload forms they have created. Uploaded forms are shared with other Accuro clients who may view these forms and download them into their own Accuro system.

This is a very valuable tool as many offices have very similar requirements for forms. You can select an appropriate form that closely matches your office requirements. You can then edit the form, if necessary, so that it is exactly what you require.

Before you spend a large amount of time creating a form from Scratch, QHR suggests you look to see if there is already a form that meets your requirements or one that can be easily edited to match your requirements.

Before you can publish forms to the directory, you are required to login, or register if it is your first time using the Form Publisher. The User name and Password that you use for publishing forms can be different from your Accuro login.

Download a Published Form

  1. Click Tools on the Menu bar and select Form Editor from the list displayed.
  2. Click Tools in the Edit Repliforms window and select Publish / Download.
  3. Click the Download Forms tab.
  4. Type in a key word and click the Binoculars button .

    Note: To browse the forms you can click the Binoculars button without typing in search word.

  5. Select the form you want to download from the Published Forms list in the Form Publisher window.
  6. Click Download.
  7. Click Close to exit.

The form now appears in Your Forms list and is available for use. You can filter the available forms by Category and / or Author by selecting the filter from the appropriate drop-down list.


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