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Batch Billing

There are two types of Batch Billing, one which is for sites with patients who need to visit the clinic several days a week consistently for things like dialysis.  The other is a method of setting defaults in the Claim Details window for creating several similar claims in a row.  This is a description of the Claim Details version of Batch Billing.

Batch Billing is commonly used when entering Claims for visits a Provider had at an off-site location (  When creating these claims, many details will be the same, such as the date of service, provider, insurer and sometimes even the procedure (if the provider is spending a day in the hospital performing the same surgery multiple times).

Batch Billing is a feature that can be turned on and off, as required. When Batch Billing is turned on all bills created have the same settings for:

This enables you to create repetitive bills quickly and easily.

The Batch Settings window shows different fields for different provinces but the concept is the same.  In this window the user sets values for fields that they want to be the same.  Anything left empty follows the standard defaulting rules which are the same for any new claim.

The Batch Billing option can be selected to enable Batch Billing. When selected again, Batch Billing is disabled. When Batch Billing is enabled there is a tick next to the menu option, when it is disabled, the tick is not displayed:

Batch Billing Enabled

Batch Billing Disabled

batch billing enabled

batch billing disabled

"BATCH BILLING ENABLED" is displayed when Batch Billing is first enabled and then the message "BATCH BILLING ON" is displayed at the top of subsequent Claim Details windows:

batch billing enabled 2

batch billing on

If the user selects a date in the future a warning message is displayed to alert the user.

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